August 2017 Specials

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Acleara $120.00 (regularly $150.00)

Acleara 30-minute laser treatment reduces oil and acne.

Rosacea Nose and Cheeks $100 (regularly $150.00)

This laser treatment helps to reduce the appearance of redness caused by vessels and rosacea.

Dermalplane with enzyme peel $115 (regularly $135)

This treatment includes removing dead skin and facial hair with a dermal plane which doubles as an exfoliation treatment. An application of a fruit enzyme will give the skin a great summer glow.

Hamilton DermaScience Oil-Free Daily Moisturizer 10% off

Kybella “Cankles” $750 “Bra-Fat” $500

Kybella is the first and only injectable FDA-approved to treat submental fullness (fat under the chin). This unique treatment requires injections into the fat and the Kybella destroys the fat cells which causes a reduction in the appearance of fat. Now physicians are using the revolutionary product to apply to other off-label areas. Treatment areas include the “cankles” (the space between the calf and ankles) and the “bra-fat” area (the space slightly in front of the armpit). Areas that are resistant to exercise are the best areas to apply Kybella.

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