Skin Tightening

skin-tighteningMany of our younger, more active patients have early signs of aging such as “crow’s feet” and frown lines.

Our office is pleased to announce that we are now offering a new treatment in radiofrequency skin tightening. The new Pelleve (Pel-E-VAY) nonablative skin tightening gives patients a new option when looking to improve skin laxity. Pelleve received their FDA approval in 2009 after the delivery of a clinical study proving that following a single treatment of Pelleve, a patient’s skin is visibly tightened and appears smoother for a minimum of six months.

Pelleve works by heating the deepest skin layer causing the collagen to contract and forcing new collagen to form after the treatment. This new collagen creates a smoother appearance in the upper layer of skin. Pelleve is currently only being used to treat facial areas. Patients can expect to see improvement quickly but full results will not be realized until about six months after the procedure, at which time, they can consider a second treatment to maximize results.
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