July 2019 Specials

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Jeuveau $250.00 per area (regularly $300.00)

The newest FDA-approved neurotoxin is now available. Jeuveau temporarily improves the look of frown lines by preventing motion. 

Acne Clearing Package $900.00 (regularly $1,100.00)

Package includes 4 microdermabrasion treatments, 4 Acleara Acne clearing laser sessions (not suitable for tan or darker skin types), and 4 LED Blue light treatments. Each of these sessions will need to be scheduled in June or July, ideally 1-2 weeks apart.

Hamilton DermaScience CSal Antioxidant Emollient Serum 10% off

Multiple Laser Rejuvenation $350.00 (regularly $500.00)

If you have been diligent with your sunscreen application we want to reward you with a great special. Improves skin texture and tone and diminishes the appearance of fine lines.  Patients cannot have a tan for this procedure.