March 2020 Specials

Hamilton DermatologySpecials

Botox $250 per area (regularly $300)

Collagen Pen $250 (regularly $300)

Target fine lines, enlarged pores, and overall skin textures with this microneedling procedure. Patients should expect to be red and slightly swollen the day of the procedure. Patients will have redness and skin marking for 2-4 days after the procedure.

Hamilton DermaScience Barrier Recovery Cream 10% off

Microblading $350 (regularly $450)

Enhance your brow shape and color with this semi-permanent brow tattoo procedure. Patients need to plan for a 2nd application 6-8 weeks later that will perfect the overall brow look and assist the tattoo in lasting for about 12-18 months. Second treatment is $200.

PicoClear $200 (regularly $250)

Help us welcome home our PicoClear! It is back and ready to help improve fine lines, texture and tone.