October 2019 Specials

Hamilton DermatologySpecials


Sclerotherapy $350.00 (regularly $400.00)

Treat unsightly spider veins! This treatment reduces the appearance of the small veins and vessels.

Botox $250.00 (regularly $300.00)

Brightening Peel $300.00 (regularly $350.00)

This is a great way to brighten and lighten damaged skin from summer fun. Patients can expect downtime of 5-7 days with sloughing and redness. Each patient will receive $200 worth (included in the overall price) of take home product to continue the brightening and exfoliating process.

Microblading Eyebrows $350.00 (regularly $450.00)

Microblading – Semi permanent brow enhancement using a hand tool that tattoos hair strokes onto the skin. Please read here to find out more and see pictures. Please plan for two treatments. Brows will appear darker for 5-7 days and will be shiny due to ointment as part of the aftercare. We do recommend a touch up in about four weeks which carries an additional fee of $200.00.

PhotoDynamic Therapy $750.00 (regularly $850.00)

This laser treatment uses aminolevulinic acid in combination with multiple laser rejuvenation to treat fine lines, wrinkles, blemishes, discoloration and help improve overall texture and tone. Patients will need to stay out of the sun following this procedure.

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