Type: Variety Skin

You are a balancing act. Your skin may be dry or comfortable in some areas and oily in others. The key is to keep everything in check and happy. You may have to occasionally treat breakouts with treatment products. The main goal is not strip your skin during the cleansing process but also effectively remove the oil you do have. Treating the skin with a retinol will assist in exfoliation and anti aging efforts. It can also be beneficial in preventing some breakouts and making the texture of the skin look better. However, if they are too strong, it can cause a lot of redness, dryness, and peeling. Using a vitamin C product can be beneficial for anti aging as well as brightening. The C Sal product line contains 1% salicylic acid to help with penetration and oil. Another helpful element for day time is an alpha hydroxyl acid for added exfoliation and brightening. These can be found in a toner or clarifying pad. Every single person needs to use some type of moisture on the skin. You may desire something that is more lightweight and not too heavy. The most important thing a person can do for the skin is to product it from ultraviolet rays. Physical sun protection is a crucial part of every regimen. Our sunblocks have a “primer-like” feel and look and produce a nice matte finish. Note – These sunscreen also contain pigment and are suitable for skin types 1-3. The eyes contain very few oil glands. That is why it is important to give them the moisture they need with a protective eye cream.