Hamilton DermatologySkin Type

You tend to be dry and dehydrated which can make lines and wrinkles seem more visible. When the weather cools and the indoor heating is turned on, it can really be torture for you! The main goal is not strip your skin during the cleansing process. Choosing a gentle foaming cleanser with few additives is your best choice. Treating the skin with a retinol will assist in exfoliation and anti-aging efforts. However, if they are too strong, it can cause a lot of redness, dryness, and peeling. Using a vitamin C product can be beneficial for anti-aging as well as brightening. The C Sal product line contains 1 % salicylic acid to help with penetration. Another helpful element for day time is an alpha hydroxyl acid for added exfoliation and brightening. These can be found in a toner or pad. Every single person needs to use some type of moisture on the skin. Drier skins may need to layer the moisturizers and use a more emollient moisturizer. The most important thing a person can do for the skin is to product it from ultra violet rays. Physical sun protection is a crucial part of every regimen.