Dermal Fillers

fillersAge related changes to the face include gradual volume loss of bone, muscle and fat as well as the thinning of the overlying skin. These changes lead to deepening folds and lines as well as a generalized droop as the supporting structures are lost. In the past filling agents were used to target discreet wrinkles, however, we now know they are better utilized to restructure the face for global rejuvenation.

Fillers can be used in combination with neurotoxins which act to relax motion induced wrinkles, resurfacing procedures such as lasers and chemical peels to improve skin texture and luminosity and tightening procedures such as ultrasound, radiofrequency or surgery.

Dermal fillers allow patients to turn back the clock by dramatically reducing wrinkles and volume loss. The goal at Hamilton Dermatology is to make you look like a more refreshed and youthful version of yourself. In our office we currently offer the following fillers:

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