Your Visit

The providers and staff at Hamilton Dermatology make every effort to minimize wait time. While there are occasions you may have to wait, please remember that you will always receive the care and attention you need from our providers.

To make your office visit go more smoothly, follow these easy steps:

  • Please fill out the new patient paperwork or arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment to complete all necessary information.
  • Verify that your insurance is contracted with our office. As a single-physician office, many insurance companies are changing the contracted providers – specifically, insurance purchased on the Exchange as well as MediCare Advantage plans. To verify that you insurance plan is in-network, please visit your insurance company’s web site or call the member services number on the back of your card. Our office is unable to verify benefits for each patient.

We normally call to remind you of your appointment two days prior. Our automated system will text or email the contact information on file in the event that you cannot be reached by phone. Please verify that your correct contact information is on file to ensure you receive appointment reminders.

Directions to our offices can be obtained by clicking here.

Each time you visit us, please bring a photo ID and your current insurance card with you. Please check in at the front desk and confirm your appointment. If you have a past due balance, you will be responsible to pay before you can be seen for additional services.

When the Medical Assistant calls your name, you will be escorted to one of the examination rooms. Once there, the reason for your visit and other basic information will be taken. Our office utilizes body mapping to keep track of changes in skin lesions. Patients will have full body photos taken. These photos are stored in patient charts and will not be used for any purpose other than to compare changes on subsequent visits. Patients are asked to schedule follow up appointments with the medical assistant in the room at the end of their visit.

After your appointment, you will be directed to the check-out desk where you will make a payment. Some insurance companies do not require a co-pay and claims are sent before patients are responsible for payment. In this situation, patients will either receive a statement or pay the balance at their next visit.

If you are scheduled for a cosmetic consultation, we will handle your visit virtually. Please submit your photos and consultation specifics through the patient portal. For a walk-through of this process, download our video here. Additionally, you can fill out our online pre-consultation questionnaire here.

Due to our very limited appointment availability for laser treatments, a $100 deposit will be collected prior to booking your laser appointment. This deposit can be paid over the phone via a credit card when booking your laser appointment and will be applied to the cost of your treatment. If your laser treatment is less than $100, we will refund the difference back to the original payment method immediately following your treatment. If you are unable to keep your scheduled appointment, our office will happily refund your deposit to the original payment method as long as you contact us to cancel or reschedule your appointment within 2 business days of your scheduled time. This allows us to offer that timeslot to other patients who are waiting for appointments.

Please note that our business days are Tuesday – Saturday. An appointment scheduled for a Tuesday morning would need to be cancelled or rescheduled by the end of business (3pm) on Friday. Wednesday appointments need to be cancelled or rescheduled by the end of business (12pm) on Saturday. Thursday appointments need to be cancelled or reschedule by the end of business (4pm) on Tuesday.  Friday appointments need to be cancelled or rescheduled by the end of business (4pm) on Wednesday. And Saturday appointments need to be cancelled or rescheduled by the end of business (4pm) on Thursday. Please call the office during business hours if you wish to cancel or reschedule your laser appointment – 770-360-8881.