Other Laser Services

Lasers can treat a variety of skin conditions. Our office has fifteen lasers to treat almost any complaint effectively.

We can treat birthmarks including port wine stains, red birthmarks, and strawberry hemangiomas. Laser treatment is safer than traditional methods because of its unique ability to selectively treat the birthmark without adversely affecting the surrounding tissue. Thus, we have the ability to eliminate many lesions while leaving the surrounding skin and skin pigment intact.

A recent development for the treatment of melasma is a non-ablative fractional laser. This is the most effective treatment available and a great improvement for those who would like to avoid the use of bleaching creams.

Lasers are an effective treatment for scarring. Different lasers can treat different types of scars including acne scarring. Lasers can also treat stretch marks.

Brown spots and age spots are forms of pigmented lesions. Lasers can remove 90-95% of pigmented lesions effectively. Skin blemishes due to abnormal blood vessels located directly under the skin’s surface gives the skin a red color. Lasers use an intense beam of light to gently remove unwanted, damaged, or diseased cells without harming the surrounding healthy cells.

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