Type: Oily Skin

You tend to have more oily skin and may be prone to breakouts and even acne. The main goal is not strip your skin during the cleansing process or your skin may compensate with an overproduction of oil. So, cleaning your skin with a foaming cleanser that will cut oil and remove makeup is ideal. Treating the skin with a retinol will assist in exfoliation, breakouts, and oil production. Using a vitamin C product can be beneficial for anti-aging as well as acne prevention. Another helpful element for day time is an alpha hydroxyl acid for added exfoliation and bacteria control. These can be found in a toner or clarifying pad. Every single person needs to use some type of moisture on the skin. Oily skins need a lightweight gel or moisturizer to lubricate the skin and stop the “oil slick” reaction. The most important thing a person can do for the skin is to product it from ultraviolet rays. Physical sun protection is a crucial part of every regimen.

Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser or Clarifying Cleanser
If you experience minimal breakouts, choose Exfoliating Cleanser, for consistent acne, choose Clarifying Cleanser.

Retinol Solution Regular or Retinol Solution Advanced
Use instead of prescription Retin A or Tretinoin NOT in addition to. If you are first time retinoid user choose Regular, for long term users or extremely oily choose Advanced.

Oil Free Daily Moisturizer

Oil Daily Free Sunscreen
Our sunscreens have a primer like feel and produce a nice matte finish. They are tinted and are suitable for lighter skin types.