SalAza Weekly Pads, 60 pads


Powerful single-use skin retexturing pads applied 1-2 times weekly to help exfoliate dead skin cells, smooth skin texture and reduce the appearance of enlarged pores. Each treatment delivers Azeloyl trichloroacetamide and SaIicylic acid and is ideal for maintaining the effects of aesthetic treatments.


  • Mild to intense exfoliation, controlled by contact time
  • A combination of exfoliating, antibacterial, redness reducing, and skin brightening acids
  • Reduces pore size and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Renews the reflective appearance of healthy skin
  • Improves skin texture
  • Highly effective in acne regimens due to the active acids

Key Ingredients

TCA is reacted with Azelaic acid to form a new compound that is more stable and less irritating. This ingredient provides the benefits of both TCA and Azelaic acid.

Aids exfoliation by weakening the links between cells in the outer layer of dead skin, allowing the normal shedding process to occur at a more optimum rate. By helping new cells surface, it improves skin texture, unclogs pores, enhances penetration (and therefore effectiveness) of ingredients such as vitamin C.

A naturally derived ingredient with anti-inflammatory properties.

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