PS from the Esthetician – October 2023

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Are you intrigued by beauty recommendations you see on TikTok or Instagram? There are many beauty trends we see on social media and hear from friends and family. Some of them come in phases or we see certain items appear in seasonal weather. But one trend we see often, toning pads, are not just a trend but could be a staple in your routine year-round! We see an uptick in summer to help with congestion and oily skin due to the hot summers in the south. Going into fall, it can be an accessory to use after cleaning and before your retinol or moisturizer at night. This will aid in making sure all makeup and sunscreen is removed as well as give your skin a supreme glow!

Toner pads can be used by almost everyone! These pads exfoliate and purify the skin, which make it healthier and more receptive to your skincare product. Popular acids like Glycolic, Salicylic, Phytic and Azelaic are commonly found in Hamilton Dermascience pads. All these acids, in low percentages, aid in removing dead skin and allow for better product penetration.

A great way to start using a toning pad is applying Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for combination skin and Monday, Thursday for sensitive types. We recommend using this as your step two after step one, cleansing. While there may be a tingle, most patients tolerate the Daily Clarifying Pads or Daily Brightening Pads very well. The Daily Clarifying is great for blackheads and larger pores while the Daily Brightening target overall skin color and clarity.  As with most regimens, we recommend you start one product at a time and give your skin a few weeks to adjust before adding another active to your regimen.

Allene Bagwell, Esthetician

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