PS from the PA – August 2023

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With TikTok and Instagram remaining ever popular, with millions of videos uploaded daily, it is hard not to compare yourself to influencers seen on social media. Especially when those videos promote a specific product or procedure and show the influencer with the clearest skin and most amazing results. Unfortunately, most do not tell you that they use filters, Facetune, specialized lighting or heavy foundation to achieve those dramatic results. I hate to say it, but no product or procedure that completely eradicates wrinkles, brown spots, acne scars, or blackheads.

I do not consider it vanity to prioritize skin health. The skin is the biggest organ and helps maintain homeostasis throughout your body. We must take time to care for something so vital. My best recommendation is to utilize a consistent combination of fillers, toxins, lasers, and topical treatments, including a daily mineral sunscreen! It is also important to remember that everyone is going through a different skin journey. Whether it be reversing sun damage or controlling acne, there is no one thing that works like magic for every person.

At Hamilton Dermatology, we work with everyone individually to determine the most effective routine to achieve their skin goals.

To help promote a well-rounded approach, Jazzy would like to offer 15% off any Hamilton DermaScience retinol in August when purchasing a single laser facial treatment.


Madison Hamilton, MMS, PA-C

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