PS from the PA – December 2023

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Are you ever bothered by your underarm sweating? The options have been either expensive toxins or daily maintenance. There is now a new, low maintenance, cost-effective option! Introducing Brella! Brella is a 3-minute patch application to the underarms that causes a sweat reduction of up to 60%. The product works by creating a sodium interaction between the water in the sweat and the patch. There is then a targeted reaction causing microthermal injury to the sweat glands, inactivating them for a period.

The appointment is very quick and easy. The patient would come in with shaved, clean underarms. Our office would induce sweating, either with blankets or hot hands under the arms. Then, we apply the patch for approximately 3 minutes. Patients can then go about their day and experience a sweat reduction for 3 to 4 months. There are no aftereffects, but some may experience mild redness in the area temporarily.

Brella is going to be offered at $350 a session, which makes this a perfect Christmas present. We are also going to offer an Underarm Treatment Package, which includes 8 axilla hair removal sessions and 1 Brella application for $1,000! (Valued at $1,550). Start getting those underarms ready for next summer. Also, don’t forget about our 20% off Hamilton DermaScience product special, while supplies last.

From everyone here at Hamilton Dermatology, we wish you all a safe and happy holiday season.

Madison Hamilton, MMS, PA-C

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