PS from the PA – June 2022

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I alluded to the fact last month that there were going to be some fun, new, and exciting changes coming this summer. Well, the first one is finally here – the Lumenis triLiftTM. Hamilton Dermatology is one of the first offices in the country to have this exciting new technology. This is the first device that targets the three different layers of tissue – muscles, dermis and epidermis. We have previously been improving the appearance of texture and wrinkles with microneedling, filler, chemical peels, radiofrequency, and other laser devices, but we are excited to add this brand new technology to our arsenal.

It is true that as we age we lose volume, in the form of collagen, in our face.  But aging goes much deeper. Facial bone changes as well as the weakening of facial muscles due to gravity and age also contribute to the falling and sagging of our faces. TriLiftTM incorporates Dynamic Muscle Stimulation along with radiofrequency and microneedling.

Dynamic muscle stimulation allows for in-motion muscle stimulation, similar to how the normal muscles contract to form facial expressions, to both lift and tone the muscles. It does this at the surface of the skin, and is a good alternative for those on the verge of requiring a facelift.

Our machine is here, but we are still working on getting our training scheduled. If you are interested in this cutting edge procedure, please ask Dr. Hamilton, myself, or Tanisha during your consultations. And follow us on social media to be the first to hear about our upcoming triLiftTM launch party and special pricing and promotions for this new procedure.

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