PS from the PA – June 2023

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It’s a Jazzy Takeover!

Happy summer fabulous humans! My mom, Madison, let me take over this month. I wanted to get the word out to my other pet friends, that I keep smelling on you, the importance of sun protection! Last summer when I was swimming and relaxing at the lake with mom, dad, and my Hamilton grandparents, I kept having this white paste put on my nose. I didn’t like it much, but they were very persistent in their efforts to get it on me. I didn’t want it until I overhead my grandma, Dr. Hamilton, mention that I could get skin cancer too. I have been around on surgery day Wednesdays when those are getting removed, and I definitely don’t want that. I was a good girl the rest of the day when they remembered to reapply!

Yes, it is possible for us furry animals to get precancers and skin cancer. While we do have a lot of hair, my mom is always telling her human patients that “hair is not sunscreen”. Animals with lighter hair are less effective at guarding against the sun’s UV rays. Other areas without as much hair are our bellies, nose, eyes, and tips of ears. So, next time you are giving us all the scratches we desire, make sure to be on the look for any new lumps, non-healing scabs, or “spots” and get us checked at the vet’s office (even though vet day is the worst day!). Treatment is pretty much the same as what the humans get, spraying the liquid nitrogen (that I get to hear so much about from the door), excision, and sometimes even radiation or chemotherapy.

Just like you, we need to have prevention and protection as well. That white, sticky paste that smells like zinc can be used on our noses, ears, or any other sun exposed area if we go out and play with the tennis ball between the hours of 10am to 4pm. Shade and UV window treatments are also helpful. I know I love to have a nap while lying on the floor with the light of the sun shining through the windows.

I also heard some rumors that companies are now making UV protective clothes for dogs. I hate getting put in shirts, so I will pick shade over a shirt any day!

Thanks for learning more about how to take care of us beloved furry animals. I hope you all have a good month filled with many walks, dog parks, and belly rubs! Can’t wait to see you guys around the office.


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