PS from the PA – March 2024

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This summer is going to be a fun one! Zane and I are expecting a baby girl in June! The whole Hamilton Dermatology family is beyond excited. With the pregnancy, my skin has changed a lot! Some of the treatments that I used in the past, I am not able to continue while pregnant. Luckily, I have been using my at home Omnilux™ LED light mask to help keep my acne and rosacea under control. The Omnilux™ is recognized as the world leader in medical-grade LED light therapy masks. The LED mask can be used at home or on the go for reduction of inflammation and acne, and for anti-aging benefits. LED, which stands for light emitting diode, is a natural and non-invasive treatment that is safe for all skin types and conditions.

There are two types of light masks we recommend. The Omnilux™ Contour Face, which emits red and near-infrared light to penetrate the deep layers of the skin and stimulate collagen, reducing fine lines and wrinkles as well as redness. It is great tool to help you achieve vibrant, younger looking skin! The Omnilux™ Contour Face also comes in a men’s version that allows for deeper penetration of the thicker dermis found in men.

The other mask we recommend is the Omnilux™ Clear, which combines both red and blue light, and is designed to help control acne breakouts and reduce inflammation.

Dr. Hamilton and I have absolutely been loving our masks, and wanted to begin offering them for sale to patients in our office. The masks come with a 2-year warranty when purchased in office at Hamilton Dermatology. We are offering all Omnilux™ masks at $40 off for the rest of February and March.

Unfortunately, we will not be offering these products for sale on our website.

Madison Hamilton, MMS, PA-C

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