Tighten Sagging Skin and Reduce Wrinkles with the New Infini

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Infini - Hamilton DermatologyInfini Offers Fully-Customizable Wrinkle and Sagging Skin Treatment

Do you want to tighten sagging skin around your mouth, jawline, and neck? Do you want to remove just a few wrinkles for a natural look? Infini is your solution.

Infini is a very precise high-intensity focused radiofrequency system. It creates targeted zones for tightening sagging skin and filling wrinkles in a way that looks natural. You can control how much skin tightening or wrinkle reduction you want, meaning that you will always look like you.

How does Infini work?

Infini’s microneedles send radiofrequency heat energy down to below the surface of the skin – the dermis. This stimulates the body’s natural collagen, which will restore firmness and strength to the skin.

Depending on desired results, patients may need multiple treatments.

Is Infini safe?

Infini is minimally invasive procedure that involves minimal recovery time.  Because Infini operates beneath the skin’s surface with insulated microneedles, it’s safe to use on dark or tanned skin that may experience pigmentation issues with laser and light technologies that push heat through the skin. Infini is approved for use on all skin types, including skin with melasma and other types of pigmented lesions.

What are the side effects of Infini?

Although Infini is only minimally invasive, there can be pain associated with the procedure. Patients have described the sensation as a “stinging” or “snapping” feeling. A topical numbing cream is used on the skin to be treated in order to reduce this discomfort.

As for side effects of Infini, some patients report mild pinpoint bleeding and, in rare cases, some bruising. There may be a small amount of redness at the treated area, or the skin may feel a bit rough for a couple of days. These side effects should not interfere with your daily life or routine.

Infini is not recommended for patients who wear a pacemaker or who have metal in an area of the face intended for treatment. Patients on blood-thinning medication are more likely to experience bruising.

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