Protégé Skin Tightening and Wrinkle Reduction

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protege-285Protégé Gives Tighter, Firmer Skin Without Surgery or Needles

As we get older, the skin around our eyes and on our jawlines and necks can start to sag and droop. Crow’s feet, worry lines and smile lines can deepen. It’s frustrating, and many people wish they could fix those issues without resorting to surgery or a procedure that gives drastic, sometimes unnatural-looking results.

Our office is proud to announce that the revolutionary Protégé system is available to our patients at Hamilton Dermatology. Protégé is a non-invasive, surgery-free way to increase the production and strength of your body’s natural collagen. Results can often be seen after the very first treatment.

How does Protégé reduce wrinkles and rejuvenate skin on the face and neck?

Protégé uses radiofrequency to target the superficial layers of the skin, particularly the second layer, known as the dermis. It gently warms the skin to disrupt the collagen fibers of the dermis. From there, the body’s natural healing process takes over, and fibroblast cells in the dermis work to produce new collagen fibers.

How many treatments will I need?

Patients can see firmer and tighter skin after just one 40-minute treatment. However, we recommend two 40-minute treatments to receive the full effect of the Protégé treatment. Optimal results are typically seen within three to six months.

Many patients opt for maintenance treatments, usually one every six to 12 months.

Are there any side effects of the Protégé procedure?

Protégé delivers skin tightening and wrinkle reduction without the use of scalpels, needles, or any other invasive or painful procedures. No anaesthesia is necessary. The treatment is delivered by using a wand that is rolled gently over the required areas. It warms the skin, but is not hot or very painful.

Is the procedure safe?

The Protégé system delivers a gentle warming sensation which can be slightly uncomfortable. The system has a built-in cooling device to regulate temperature and prevent overheating. Protégé delivers results through radiofrequency rather than a laser.

There is no recovery time after the procedure. Patients can easily undergo a treatment and return to work or other activities right away.

Protégé is safe for all skin types and colours.

Elixis Protégé is cleared by the FDA.

Am I a good candidate for Protégé?

Patients who are struggling with loose skin around the face and neck can find superior results with the Protégé treatment. The procedure is ideal if you have a moderate amount of loose skin to tighten or wrinkles to reduce, and would like a noticeable effect without the drastic results of some surgical procedures.

Our patients love Protégé because it’s very reasonably priced compared to some other skin tightening treatments.

Protégé is a skin tightening system and does not target fat cells. Patients who are looking for fat-reduction procedures will not see the desired results with Protégé – click here for non-invasive fat removal services.

Patients who are pregnant or nursing, or who have a pacemaker or metal implants are not able to receive the radiofrequency treatments of Protégé.

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